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Aug 30, 2017

Variety – Leonardo DiCaprio is the latest celebrity to pledge monetary assistance to the Texas victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has pledged $1 million as the inaugural donation to the newly established United Way Harvey Recovery Fund. United Way Worldwide, the largest privately funded non-profit, said Wednesday that all proceeds of the Harvey Recovery Fund would go directly to recovery efforts. The organization said it expects this work to continue for years.

“We are incredibly grateful for the generosity of Leonardo DiCaprio and his foundation,” said United Way Worldwide president and CEO Brian Gallagher. “Responding to Hurricane Harvey requires the best of all of us — and that’s what this gift represents.”

Fall Out Boy
Fall Out Boy to Donate Houston Concert Proceeds to Hurricane Harvey Relief

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has provided disaster relief aid in the past, stepping in to provide donations to the victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2010 Haiti earthquake, and Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

“We hope others will step up and support the United Way and other organizations,” said Terry Tamminen, CEO of the foundation.

Among other recent celebrity figures to donate to hurricane relief efforts are Sean “Diddy” Combs, Ruby Rose, Rachael Ray, Ellen Degeneres, and Fall Out Boy. Sandra Bullock also recently donated $1 million to the American Red Cross for hurricane relief efforts.

There are currently at least 38 storm-related deaths. Hurricane Harvey downgraded to a tropical depression Wednesday night after making second landfall and is expected to move through Louisiana Wednesday night and arrive in Mississippi on Thursday.

Aug 13, 2017

Variety – Paramount has beaten out Universal in a seven-figure bidding war for the rights to Walter Isaacson’s book on Leonardo da Vinci, Variety can confirm. The biopic will star fellow Leo, Leonardo DiCaprio.

DiCaprio will also produce the film under his Appian Way banner alongside president of production Jennifer Davisson.

ICM Partners brokered the deal for Isaacson and his book, “Leonardo da Vinci,” in advance of its release. Universal attempted to outbid Paramount on Friday with bidding continuing into Saturday morning.

DiCaprio’s desire to portray da Vinci on film is no coincidence. The actor’s mother famously claims to have chosen the artist as her son’s namesake when she felt an in utero DiCaprio kick for the first time while examining a da Vinci piece at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy back in 1974.

Isaacson is a New York Times Best Selling author who has written biographies on other notable thinkers such as Albert Einstein, Henry Kissinger, Steve Jobs, and Benjamin Franklin. Most recently, his 2007 book “Einstein: His Life and Universe” was adapted into National Geographic’s “Genius,” starring Geoffrey Rush as Einstein.

“Leonardo da Vinci” will be released Oct. 17, 2017.

Jul 14, 2017

Variety – Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio are developing a film adaptation of true-crime thriller “Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI” as the director’s next project after “The Irishman.”

Scorsese’s longtime production designer, Dante Ferretti, told Variety that Scorsese hoped to start shooting “Flower Moon” in the spring of next year. The project is based on the bestselling book by David Grann, a staff writer for the New Yorker and author of “The Lost City of Z.”

Rights to “Flower Moon” were snapped up by Imperative last year for a reported $5 million, and a script has reportedly been drafted by veteran Oscar-winning scribe Eric Roth (“Forrest Gump,” “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”).

Ferretti, who has worked with Scorsese on nine movies from “The Age of Innocence” through “Silence,” said he was going to “go to Oklahoma” to do preliminary location scouting for “Flower Moon.” The story, set in the 1920s, focuses on a string of murders of members of the Osage nation in Oklahoma after oil was discovered beneath their land. The chilling series of slayings was one of the fledgling FBI’s first major homicide investigations.

Scorsese and DiCaprio have been eyeing the project for months, and are developing it together with Imperative Entertainment.

John Atwood, Imperative’s chief financial officer, said in an e-mail that “we are currently conducting preliminary research on the film, but there are no formal attachments nor confirmed start date at this time.”

Ferretti said that “the whole 1920s world of the Indians who lived there needs to be reconstructed” for “Flower Moon,” adding that he expects to “start preparing this film in September, because Scorsese will shoot it immediately after finishing ‘The Irishman.’”

Scorsese is currently getting ready for an early September shoot on “The Irishman,” a gangster movie centered on the life of mob hit-man Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran, played by Robert De Niro. Several sources have confirmed that “The Irishman” will be financed by Netflix, though the deal has yet to be officially announced.

There is no word whether Netflix would give “The Irishman” a wide theatrical release, but “I don’t think Martin would accept the fact that one of his movies would just be seen on a small screen and not in movie theaters,” said Ferretti, who is not working on the film.

The triple-Oscar-winning production designer recently completed work on his first rock musical, “Divo Nerone,” staged in a unique open-air venue atop the Palatine Hill in the ancient Roman Forum, with a rotating proscenium and 28 scene changes. Although the show was mostly panned by Italian media and has been temporarily shut down after nuns in a nearby monastery complained about its high decibel levels, Ferretti noted that “critics praised the set design and costumes,” which were created by his wife and working partner, Francesca Lo Schiavo. The pair was recently honored by the American Academy in Rome with its McKim Medal.

Ferretti and Lo Schiavo also recently designed the set for Mozart’s “Don Giovanni,” which opened the Spoleto Festival in June – “my third opera there in three consecutive years,” he said.

Jul 12, 2017

Tracking Board – For the first time ever, Quentin Tarantino is planning to dramatize true events in a movie, as sources tell the Tracking Board that his next picture will tackle Charles Manson and the murder of actress Sharon Tate.

Tarantino is courting A-list talent for the ensemble cast, including his Inglourious Basterds star Brad Pitt for the role of the detective investigating the crime, and both Margot Robbie and Jennifer Lawrence for the role of Tate. Samuel L. Jackson, the director’s lucky charm, is also expected to play a part in the period film. The director is also said to be eager to re-team with his Django Unchained star Leonardo DiCaprio, though it’s unclear whether he’s being eyed to play the detective role or Manson himself.

The wife of director Roman Polanski, Tate was eight months pregnant when she was brutally murdered by a group of Manson followers who the cult leader had sent to the home, hoping to exact revenge on a music producer who had rejected him.

There’s no distributor attached to the Manson project at the moment, but given Tarantino’s undying loyalty to Harvey Weinstein and Bob Weinstein, the sibling producers will likely be involved in some capacity. The Weinsteins previously teamed with Universal on Inglourious Basterds and Sony on Django Unchained.

With WME expected to shop the package to studios before Labor Day, Tarantino has been busy putting the finishing touches on the script. Hollywood has told this story several times, but Tarantino is no doubt putting his own spin on the Manson family and its killing spree. The Oscar-winning filmmaker has repeatedly said he intends to retire after his 10th film, and the Manson movie is shaping up to be his ninth.

As far as casting goes, timing is everything in Hollywood, and Pitt, Robbie and Lawrence are three of the most in-demand actors working today. Tarantino will have to wait until next year to start production, as Pitt will soon begin filming James Gray’s Ad Astra before he re-teams with David Fincher on World War Z 2. Meanwhile, Robbie is busy with her DCEU commitments between Suicide Squad 2 and Gotham City Sirens, while Lawrence has Adam McKay’s Bad Blood and several other in-development projects on the horizon.

We’ll track this project as closely as we can, so stay tuned. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news.

Jun 20, 2017

E! News – Anything Leo can do, Kate can do better…

Kate Winslet caught up with E! News over the weekend and dished about her chilling new role in The Mountain Between Us, starring opposite Idris Elba In the interview, the actress also discussed whether or not it was harder to film this movie than her role in Titanic and if she plans on working with her pal Leonardo DiCaprio again.

In the new film, Idris and Kate play strangers who survive a deadly plane crash on a snow-covered mountain and must forge a bond in order to survive the elements. Sounds like a rough time, and it turns out it was…

“This was much harder than Titanic because we really were at 10,000 feet and it really was -38 degrees Celsius [-36 degrees Fahrenheit].”

When asked if the filming the did movie remind her in some ways of her career-making role, the 41-year-old said, “I definitely had Titanic flashbacks. How could I not? Freezing cold. Me falling into that cold water.”

She added, “It was definitely reminiscent of certain other rather challenging, strenuous experiences I had 20 years ago.

In the interview she also admitted she talked to her pal Leo, who won an Oscar for his turn as frontiersman Hugh Glass in The Revenant, to get some tips about acting in the cold.

“[Leonardo and I] did speak before filming and he did sort of say to me, ‘Oh my god, you are crazy. It’s going to be freezing cold. Do you honestly know what you are sending yourself up for?'”

Kate laughed and said she kept her friend in the loop while on set. “I would send him little photos of me saying, ‘Thinking of you,’ as I am lying in the freezing snow covered ice and he would just send back slightly worried emojis,” said the star.

As for whether or not she compares her challenging work in The Mountain Between Us to his, Kate said: “How could I ever compare anything to what he did in The Revenant?…He did climb proper naked inside a horse carcass and I didn’t do anything like that!”

The steadfast friend said, “I have to hand it to him, but I always have to hand it to him because he’s my friend.”
As for whether the lifelong besties are going to meet up again any time soon, Kate said not right now but that she wouldn’t rule anything out.

“At the moment, no. There’s nothing that Leo and I have planned. But as always I would love to work with him again one day but who knows? It might not happen until we’re 70.”

That would certainly be a movie worth seeing!